Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Letting My Black Cock Slut Roar - It's No Thong Thursday!

    A slut is a person, who engages in promiscuous activity, specifically sexual activity with multiple partners... many times, this is done with a good number of partners at the same time. I am a slut! More specifically, I’m a Black cock slut!

    We are currently experiencing the highly bigoted, but popular cultural display of slut shaming. This is particularly directed at women as a way for others to exert power and control over the women’s behavior. There is hypocrisy in that women are supposed to exhibit overt sexuality, though they aren’t supposed to actually engage in it (unless within the confines of a monogamous relationship) and they surely are not supposed to enjoy it. It’s the basic Madonna/Whore complex, women are either saintly and thus untouchable or debased and though sexually appealing not worthy of respectful dignity and treatment... which, is a complete crook of donkey poo!

    Slut shaming has taken its toll in mainstream media, politics and mythic religious uttering by privileged upper class bigoted kooks, who attempt to stay on top by degrading everyone else below them, people who actually might have something better to say, or something better to offer our society. Of course, these people are not the only ones slut shaming, it occurs throughout almost all demographics, but the underlying message, the way in which is works to strip away the woman’s dignity, is always the same.

    What happens when women begin to exert their independence, their intelligence, and their sexuality? Why is it SO scary to so many people?

    I was a single, now partnered, educated woman, and I enjoy sex. No, that's wrong... I FUCKING LOVE sex!! I love interracial sex. It’s my favored sex of all types of sex… this I know through experience. If that makes me a slut, and more specifically a Black cock only slut, then this is Exactly why I like it and I have no plans to stop... EVER!!

    Here are 5 Reasons Why I Have Black Cock Slut Pride:

    1. I Can't Be Tied Down: (However, I might tie YOU down cuckboy, with rope in my sex Dungeon, and make you beg to serve me!).

    I need my alone time. I need my creative Black cock slut time. I do not believe everyone should hop from relationship to relationship. Participating in serial monogamy only repeats ones problems. Where is the time to reflect on what the fuck is what, and how you want to improve things for yourself for the future.

    It’s always best to focus on the self, to know yourself and to learn to love the self. Learning how to love the self takes practice and lots of time. This does not mean that during this “practice and time,” pleasure, intimacy, sex, different forms of relationship expressions must cease, especially for a self-proclaimed Black cock slut. It feels like many people jump from one person to the next because there is such a high social expectation set for coupledom, while devaluing Black cock slutdom! Again, this is complete donkey poo!

    I like being single, and I like being partnered both. Being “alone” doesn’t mean I’m lonely, and being "partnered" doesn't mean I'm taken, or off limits to be fucked and fucked a lot either. I am not ever technically alone, or partnered. I have a community of people around me, both white cuckolds and Black cock lovers, all available to help meet all of my needs, desires and lusts. I never feel I have to constantly be in, or EVER in, for that matter... a committed, long-term relationship situation for my sexual and non-sexual happiness to happen. I am a STRONG, Black cock slut and I always make my own opportunities. This Black cock slut is ALWAYS in charge!

    2. It’s My Body and I’ll Do What The FUCK I Want To With It.

    What is the point in receiving proper reproductive health, as women, if we cannot explore our sexuality depending on our own individual tastes and desires?

    Some people may enjoy exploring just one other person for years and years while other people may get off on getting off with a different person or persons every day; as long as respect for each other and proper communication of boundaries and desires are discussed... there is no innate harm in any choice, especially interracial ones! The beauty... is actually in the choices themselves. If there were a default for exploring intimacy, intimacy would be simply mundane, unfulfilling and meaningless.

    I like wearing short shorts, little body revealing sundresses and mini skirts. I like feeling the breeze on my smooth hairless arms, legs, ass and pussy... heck my whole hairless body for that matter. Its part of why I wanted to have and got laser hair removal done over my entire body years ago. I go roller-blading, for walks and runs, lay out by my pool and on the beach at my winter home... I bike, I lift weights and I do yoga as well. I have big tits and don't wish to hide them. I feel I have great butt cleavage too and I don't wish to keep any of my body features hidden from the world and especially Black men! I'm proud of my body. I work very hard keeping it in shape for everyone, including myself to enjoy! White men to look at and dream and lust about, and Black men to actually have and enjoy!!

    Beauty expectations are formed for far too many women by consumerist culture. This mythic culture does whatever it can to keep women feeling ugly, to keep selling them things to “fix” about their appearance. It not only devours a big chunk of one's finances, but also our time.

    Yes, manicures are fun and getting your hair done feels awesome. Finding that perfect pair of jeans is a dream coming true... but all of that just comes down to one thing... the most important beauty standard of all... confidence! The daily bombardments of make-up ads, clothing commercials, only aim to strip women of their inherent confidence so they will become dependent on buying things to build that confidence back up.

    Confidence is the sexiest and hottest thing about a person. Confidence comes from within, from being at peace with you, from loving and respecting yourself. Whether blatant or not, the billion-dollar beauty industry thrives off of women’s lack of confidence. As a Black cock slut, my confidence is super strong and solid. I make sure of that. But when we have that confidence, we become a threat to those in power. No longer do they have control over our dollars or our time. So if we begin using our money and our energies on other projects, those people will slowly start to fall from the top. No one wants to lose power. Especially not to Black cock sluts! So people will do some really unethical evil things to other people just to keep that power over them. Black cock sluts threaten all power structures known to man.

    I say, fuck those guys, wanting to feel attractive to others is not something to ever feel ashamed about, neither is wanting to have sex, lots and lots of sex and sometimes you just want to show some tits, panty-less pussy and butt-cheeks to get it. After all, you're a powerful Black cock slut in charge!! Go after and enjoy that Black dick with a vengeance!

    4. Sex Prevents Cancer!

    It’s a proven fact if you don’t use it, you lose it... just ask the majority of Black men, they will tell you… and even if it weren’t a proven fact, I wouldn’t want to be the one “not using it.” There are a million articles out there in the world, right now, saying how good it is to fuck. How good interracial sex is… So, if it’s so good for people to be fucking, and I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle (minus the occasional ice-cream), why not roll around in the sack and fuck, Fuck, FUCK! Fuck all the Black cock you can… isn't that what Black cock sluts do?

    Orgasms are like the greatest things in life and orgasms with Black men are fucking extraordinary and they do all sorts of amazing things for the body that include, but are not limited to:

    • Improving ones digestion and mood.

    • Help to prevent cancer by providing an overall lymphatic massage.

    • Promotes healthy estrogen levels (which protect against osteoporosis and heart disease).

    • Flushes out cortisol and boosts endorphins, which induces relaxation.

    • Helps spike DHEA levels, which improves brain function, balances the immune system and helps maintain and promote healthy skin.

    So fuck it, call me a Black cock slut if you want to, at least I’m a healthy Black cock slut and I’ll probably live longer and feel better than all the non-Black cock sluts anyway!

    5. Around the World in So Many Lays.

    Being an international Black cock slut is awesome. I get to meet and fuck so many interesting Black men and I get to see all of them naked! There are many ways a person can be a Black cock slut. I try to do it as ethically as possible; which means communication and honesty with all the white cuckold men who want to serve me, and all of the Black men I fuck including all of the black men who express interest in fucking me in the future. The problem with the more elaborate definition of the word “slut” and especially when you precede that word with the two words “Black cock” is that it de-values the person in question. Luckily, we Black cock sluts are doing a pretty good job re-claiming these words and making them a source of pride in the world sexual community. There is still much to be done though…

    There is value here too. Black cock sluts bring intimacy, connection, joy, pleasure, entertainment, sexiness, sensuality, playfulness, curiosity, confidence, desire, and yeah, maybe even a little bit of love now and again. We have assurance in our bodies and our minds, and we like sharing ourselves with others regardless of whether or not we want to share ourselves for a few hours, a night, a weekend, a vacation trip, or for a lifetime. We Black cock sluts are endlessly open to possibilities, explorations, adventure... not unlike our non-slut friends. It's just our clothes come off and our legs spread wide open much easier. And who really likes wearing panties and keeping your legs together anyway!!

    I love to fuck. I have lots of Black lovers and fuck buddies... and I don't apologize for any of the sexual preferences I have either. I embrace them all and rejoice. I feel that's what Black cock sluts do. There is only one thing better than a Black lover, buried balls deep into you, unloading a torrent of hot Black cock cum as you orgasm over and over and over... and that is a dozen or more other Black lovers waiting their turn to do the exact same thing to you one beautiful Black dick after the other!

    I'll always let my Black cock slut roar... FUCK me... more, More, MORE!!! It's No Thong Thursday!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy No Thong Thursday!

    When I was at my winter beach house this past winter and spring, I was able to not wear much around the house. The temperature there at that time of the year is so consistent... it's always between mid 70's and low 90's... so it's very comfortable to just be nude. When I had my regular Black lovers coming over however, I'd "dress-up" just a little. Thigh-highs and heels and maybe a little jewelry of some sort... topped off with a favorite perfume!

    I always love the expression on their faces when they first see me welcome them. I actually love guys staring at my body and hearing what they have to say or how they just sometimes can't say anything... they just look and smile!

    My Black lovers know when they are invited over we're going to fuck, that's a complete given... but it's always nice to see how just looking at me inspires them and gets them in the mood to Fuck me pretty much instantly! I love it!!

    Here is a poem I wrote this past spring. I wrote naked each morning while I was there... it's very motivating for my creativity! Happy No Thong Thursday!! Enjoy...


    Return To Return

    My winter home is in the tropics, I made sure of that
    So when I’m there, it is like warm golden honey
    And the taste of everything is rich in its sweetness
    The morning bread, smooth and pleasant, nourishes me…

    Return often and take me, says the ocean breeze
    Sitting naked, I feel sensations I love
    Return and take me when body memory awakens
    And sensual desires run through the blood

    Legs spread, labia lips heated… the skin remembers
    Hands feel, rub, caress and touch again and again
    Return often and take me… day or night
    When the labia lips and skin remember…

    Poem: Return To Return
    © KHRISTY CREAMS 2014 all rights reserved

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Really Great Fuck Is Always Enjoyed

    The day had been really humid and I couldn’t wait to get back to the lodge to shower, cool off and relax. I had invited three specific, super hot black guys from the pool of single guys who were part of the lifestyle group staying at the lodge, to join me in my room after sunset and dinner was over. They were going to be my dessert… after all, I hadn’t fucked last night or yet today and I just couldn’t resist my urge to extend my special form of hospitality to three such super hot guys!

    After showering and getting ready, I was all set to greet my evening guests. I had on a pair of heels and nothing else… sort of my typical outfit to greet guys in situations like this.

    The knock came and I opened the door to three wide eyed faces who’s mouths dropped open and were temporarily speechless as I ushered them into my suite by taking their hands and leading them in and over to the couch and telling them to sit. As they sat down, their mouths continued to remain open and I finally commented had they not seen naked women before… and their reply was almost together, yes… but…

    We all laughed together but I figured I still needed to do something more to break that layer of ice that was still there… so… I stepped in front of them and grabbed the hands of the guy in the middle and put them right on my tits! He actually gasped and the other two nervously laughed… so I reached for a hand of each of the other two guys, spread my legs and placed each of their hands at my pussy. I thought for a second their eyes were going to pop out of their heads… but it seemed to be doing the trick, because they were all three now touching me all over. I asked if this wasn’t much better now and we all had a good laugh.

    As the guys continued to feel and touch and inspect all of my body, I began my assault on their shirts and pants to get them off as quickly as I could. In just a few minutes, the guys had joined me in being completely naked with raging hard cocks ready for action!

    I kicked off my heels and grabbed two of the guys by their massive hard cocks and motioned for the other to follow and off to the bedroom I led my dessert. Pristine cotton sheets, as white as show, were folded back and beckoned our company. We were about to fully oblige the open invitation.

    Together, we fell on the bed in a pile with hands grabbing and touching every body part imaginable. I began rotating from guy to guy kissing each deeply as I wrapped my fingers around one cock after another, jacking each one with long strokes, discovering its length and girth. Dang, these were some huge cocks! I knew without a doubt I was going to fully enjoy my three-course dessert tonight for sure.

    All of a sudden I was aware of tongues dancing on my nipples. I caught myself moaning and looking down to see and feel the first huge cock slipping into my soaked pussy, and I gasped loudly as he went in balls deep on the second thrust and just held himself there for about a minute as one nipple was being sucked and stretched hard and two fingers lightly teased my rock hard swollen clit. FUCK! These guys were good. I could tell they had a lot of experience working together. They were like a mini orchestra and I loved it!

    We proceeded to fuck in every conceivable combination. They took their turns and rotated every 5 to 10 minutes for about two hours until it was time to get another pitcher of ice water and take a pee break.

    When we began fucking again, one of the guys had me mount him cowgirl and another entered me from behind to do double vagina. We DV fucked, trading off who I was mounted on and who was taking me from behind until the water needed refilled and I needed to pee again. I had cum so many time I couldn’t even count and with all the physical activity of fucking, I was thirsty and needing to pee… a phenomenon that’s always amused me by the way!

    When we resumed our third round of fucking it was time for double penetration; pussy and ass, and time for the guys to creampie me as well. I mounted a cock in my pussy and then felt a cock slipping slowly into my asshole. Once in my ass, the cock was proceeding slowly with long strokes timed to long deep strokes of the cock I was mounted on in my pussy. After a short while the rhythm was perfect and the fucking became really intense as I had to work at resisting fucking both cocks back and messing up their perfect intense teamwork. I was beginning to orgasm in wave after wave after wave now.

    All of a sudden I felt cock shafts hardening and cock heads swelling to almost bursting… groans became loud and guttural and very primal… one body jerked, then another… I felt the pulsating of one cock shaft, then the other… the swelling was at its peak and the waves of cum began shooting deep into my pussy first… then my asshole was being flooded with hot cum… both cocks exploding now… unbridled streams of cum charging up from huge black balls through hard as steel shafts out blood swollen heads into both my hot holes at will… my head spinning as my own orgasms morph into one continuous time suspended screaming convulsing earth and sky shattering… CUM!

    Later, my cuckold said softly to me… Gawd… that was a really great fuck! I dipped my fingers in my still cum filled and cum oozing pussy and ordered my cuckboy… eat it! He did… as I proceeded to suck the third cock until cuckboy had me cleaned. I still needed to fuck the third cock and get its black cum in my hot, cuck cleaned, white slut pussy!

    As you know, a white slut nympho can never have too many big black cocks or too much black cock cum… kisses…


Monday, March 3, 2014

Bacche ke liye tadapti apni sagi mausi ko maine maa banaya

    Yeh baat un dino ki hai. Jab mai 17 saal ka tha. Main summer vacation main apni nani ke ghar cala gaya. Meri nani pass he ke gaon main rahati thi.nani muje dekh kar bahut kush hui.nani ke pass meri sabse choti mausi aayi hui thi.unki age kareeb 25 saal thi, our unki saadi ho chuki thi.magar shadi ki 5 saal ke baad bhi unhe baccha nahi hua. Wo badi dukhi rahti ki report me pata chala ki mausa ji ke sperm main sukranu hi nahi the.mausi main koi kharabi nahi thi.per is baat ko mausi ke sasural waale nahi pacha paa rahe the.saara dosh unhone mausi per daal diya.mausi ke uper atyachar hote dekhkar nanji unhe apne paas le aaye.ab main apni mausi ke baare main bata do, woh ek nihayat hi khubsurat mahila hai.ranga gora,kad medium.bhari-bari chunchiya our sudol gaand.unhe dekh kar kisi ka bhi louda khara ho jaayega.musi ne muje god mein khilaya tha.ek raat khana khane ke baad nani ne mujhe apne kamare main bulaya our kaha ,aaj se nirmala( meri mausi ka naam )tere pass he soyegi.jab maine puccha ki kisliye tab nani ne kaha ki tujhe mausi ko pregnant karna hai,per is baat ka pata kisi ko nahi chalna chaaiye.yanha tak ki teri maa,baap,our mama ko bhi.maine kaha nani yeh tum kiya kah rahi ho,mausi to meri bari bahen jaise he hai our maine musi ko kabhi us najar se dekha nahi hai.nani ne kaha mujhe woh sab nahi pata tujhe uske ghar ko barbadi se bachana din rat ko kareeb 11 baje mausi mere kamare main dudh ka glass lekar aayi our aate he usne door bandh kar liya.

    Usne mujhse kaha jaante ho amit main yanha kyon aayi hun.maine kaha haan mausi nani ne mujhe sab kuch bata diya hai.per mausi yeh sab mujse nahi hoga.aapne muje apni god main khilaya hai,main aapke saath woh sab kaise kar sakta raat hum dono chupchap bister par kinare -kinare per so gaye. Dusre din nani ne mujhe phir se bulaya our kaha kya baat hai amit nirmala kush nahi hai.tune raat bhar kuch nahi kiya kya,jaa aaj ki raat kam ho jana chaahiye.dusre din raat ko mausi phir mere kamre main aaye.aaj unhone bilkul he maheen kapre ki nighty pahni thi our uske under lace ke kapre ki bra our panty pahni thi.sub kuch saaf- saaf najar aa raha tha.aaj pahli bar maine mausi ko ek bharpur aurat ke roop main mahsoos kiya.mujhe apni our taakte dekh mausi uttejit ho uthi. Unhone mera haath pakar kar apni chunchi per rakh diya our mujse lipat gayi our muje kiss karne lagi.jawan jism ka spersh paaker mere sharir main harkat hone lagi our mujh per nasha sa chane laga.mausi ki gam-garm sanse meri sanso se thakerane lagi.mere haath mausi ki peeth per ghumne mausi ne dhire ke kaha calo bister per calte hain.phir hum dono bister per aa gaye.thori he der main hum dono puri tarah se nange ho chuke the.69 position main aane ke baad mausi mere lund ko munh me bharkar choos rahi thi our main mausi ki bbor ka swad le raha tha .thori hi der main mausi ki boor ne dher sara paani chor diya mere lund se bhe pani nikalne he wala tha ki mausi ne muje seedhs hone ka sanket diya. Main samajh gaya ki ab mausi ko mera lund apni choot main chaahiye.

    Maine mausi ki dono tango chora kiya our apne lund unke boor ka halka sa touch karaya.mausi ke saare sharir main jhurjuri si hone lagi.mausi dhire se boli ab mat tadpa jaldi se ander kar do.itna sunate he maine ek jor ka dhakka lagaya our mera 8" lamba our 3" mota lund mausi ki choot ki gaharayiyo main sama gaya. Mausi ke munh se cheekh nikal pari."amit bahut lamba our mota hai tera lund, itna bara to tera mausa ka bhi nahi hai.main ab jor-jor se mausi kichuddai karne laga.mausi bhi chootar uchal-uchal kar mera saath de rahi thi.kareeb 30 minute tak chuddai karne ke baad hum dono ek saath jhar Gaye.mausi ki bbor ne mere lund se sperm ka ek-ek drop duh liya,aakhir main thakkar hum ek dusre ki banho me nange hi so gaye.mausi nani ke yanha 10 din rahi.har roj raat ko kana kane kr baad mausi mere pass chali aati our hum raat bhar jee bar ke chuddai karte.tarah- tarah ke aasan main chuddai karte.mausi bari kush thi.10 din ke baad mausi chali gayi.baad main main bhi apne ghar vapas aa gaya.ekdin maa ne muje bataya ki mausi ko bachha hone wala hai.9 mahine baad mausi ne chand se bete ko janam diyy. Muasa jee bhi bahut kush the unhe varris jo mil gaya tha.

Maa ki massage maine apne lund se ki

    Remember my mom's friend Meera used to come over twice a week and give mom a massage. After that mom would give her a massage.They both undressed for the massage, but covered their buttocks with a towel. I used to come and go as I pleased and they seemedto think nothing of an eleven year old seeing them partially nude. Some days I would sit and watch as they massaged each other from head to feet. When I was twelve, I used to watch more frequently. I was becoming much more curious about their bodies and every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of mom's nipples as she shifted positions. I remember one day that Meera aunty got a little careless and I saw her full black bush as she got up to dress. She quickly covered with a robe. A few months after I turned thirteen, Meera aunty left town. Mom began complaining that she missed her massages. She had aches and pains when she got home from work. I got the idea that I may be able to take Meera's place and may even get to see my mother's body up close. I was surprised when I approached mom one afternoon when she got home from work and offered to give her a massage. She readily agreed and told me to set up the table while she changed. A few minutes later she returned with her robe on and two towels. She turned her back to me and wrapped one around her waist. She then laid face down on the table with her arms at her sides. I hardly got a glimpse at her breasts. I began rubbing her head as I'd seen Meera do and over several minutes moved down her back to just above the towel. Mom said that I was a good learner and gave a great massage. I then went to the bottom of the table and began rubbing her feet. Her legs were together, so when I tried to look

    Up between her legs, I couldn't see anything. When I finished her feet, mom was really relaxed. I moved up her calves and gently moved her legs a little more open. She gave no resistance. I paid particular attention to the back of her knees. I had heard her say she liked that several times. This time was no exception. She said, "That feels wonderful. You're really a natural at this, son." I then moved to her thighs. I began kneading her ample thighs one at a time, stopping just below the towel. I then began massaging both thighs, placing my fingers between them so that, as I squeezed, her thighs opened. I was rewarded with a good view of her pubic hair, but her legs were still close together and I couldn't see much. Still, for a horny thirteen year old, that was exciting. After a few minutes, mom thanked me and reached for her robe and covered herself quickly so that all I saw was her bare back. Over the next couple of days, I thought a lot about my mother's body. I sat the massage table up and when mom arrived home, I told her I was ready to give her another massage. She smiled and said she would be right out. Again she returned and with due modesty stretched out on the table. Mom seemed more relaxed this time. After I finished her arms and back, I proceeded to her feet. I noticed that her legs were parted more and she wasn't as tense. As I glanced up under the towel, I could see swirls of her light brown pubic hair at the “V” of her legs. I took my time on her feet and calves. As I rubbed the back of her knees, I gently pressed her legs apart. She didn't seem to realize what I was doing.

    This time my kneading of her thighs exposed her pubic area! I actually got a good close look at her lips protruding from her
    Beautiful cunt. I became bolder and moved my hands higher to the level of the towel. My probing fingers were no more than six inches from her cunt. Mom suddenly realized that she was exposed and quickly closed her legs. She thanked me, saying that she had had enough. Again she managed to get off the table without exposing herself any more. I was afraid that I'd ruined my chances at seeing more of her body, but a couple of days later, mom asked me if I would mind giving her a massage. I gladly agreed. I was much less aggressive and over the next couple of months, I massaged her two to three times a week and was rewarded with frequent close up views of mom's beautiful cunt. She also seemed much more relaxed about covering herself before and after her massage. I was careful not to stare, but I got several good looks at her nice breasts with their dark brown nipples. One afternoon she came into the room and casually laid a towel over the table. She then removed her robe and, without any effort to cover her breasts, got onto the table and lay on her stomach. She then reached down and loosened the towel around her hips and positioned it over her buttocks the same as she did when Beth gave her a massage. Fortunately, my waist was below the table, because my hard on was pressing strongly against my shorts. When I finished her back, she asked me to massage her buttocks through the towel.I kneaded her cheeks for about five minutes before she asked me to move to her feet. Her legs were opened considerably more than they had been ever in the past. I really took my time on her feet and calves.

    I was enjoying an unobstructed view of her bush. As I worked her thighs, I noticed that her cunt lips protruded more and they were very moist. As I squeezed her upper thighs, I noticed that the closer I got to her pubic area the more the flesh of her pussy moved with my kneading. I reached under the towel and began massaging mom's buttocks again. This time my thumbs were between her cheeks and each squeeze opened her very wet cunt widely. After a minute or so mom said, "I think we better stop. You give a wonderful massage." She got up, wrapping the towel around her waist. I could see that her nipples were erect and her face was flush. She put on her robe and went to her room. I thought I was going to burst. I went to my room and quickly relieved the pressure by beating my meat with visions of mom's cunt fresh in my mind. I guess I was too young to realize that she was enjoying this, too. But she was having feelings of guilt which held her back. The next massage was even more exciting. Mom had a shower after dinner. She came out with her robe on and asked for a massage. I eagerly agreed. When I set the table up, mom just removed her robe and got on the table. She was nude. She then covered her buttocks with a towel.

    The full frontal view had me really excited and I wanted to give her an especially good massage as a reward. I took great care with her head, arms and back. Mom was really enjoying the attention I was giving her. It was a good half hour before I got to her thighs and buttocks. Her legs were wide apart. Her vagina was very wet. As my thumbs spread her buttocks, I noticed her hips were giving slight thrusts. I got an idea. I asked her if she wanted me to massage the front of her thighs. She answered that she would like that. She then rolled over on her back. She pulled the towel out from under her buttocks and laid it
    Across her stomach, below her bare breasts. Her legs were parted quite wide. I began just above her knees and worked upward. I looked up and mom had her eyes closed. Her nipples were standing straight up. I sensed that she was excited, but I was more interested in the excitement I was feeling exploring mom's body. Before long, my thumbs were gently rolling the fleshy mound of her vagina. Her vagina was opening and closing with the motion. Mom'ships were thrusting regularly now and she was breathing very hard. I didn't know if women had orgasms or not, but I sensed she was having the same feeling I did just before I came. I wondered if she would shoot semen the way I did. Mom began moaning, "That's wonderful. Keep massaging me!" As if I was going to stop! After a couple of minutes, she calmed down. She got up and put on her robe, thanked me with a kiss on the cheek and went to her room. Mom never mentioned the sexual aspect of her massages, but she was in a real good mood for the next couple of days and gave me several hugs and told me what a great son I was. One evening, right after I had finished a shower, mom called me to her room. She had a robe on and had just got out of her shower. She asked if I would mind giving her a massage. When I started to go set up the massage table, she stopped me and said that we should use the bed. She pulled the blankets back and removed her robe. Standing completely naked in front of me, she said, "After you finish, I'm going to give you a massage, too." She then lay on the sheet on her stomach with wide open legs. She said with a smile, "You can start with my shoulders and back.

    My scalp is O.K." I just had a robe on and got a great idea. I positioned myself with my knees between her legs and loosened my robe. When I leaned forward to reach her shoulders, my penis came in contact with the crack of her ass. As I massaged her, the motion moved it along her crack. She made no move to stop me, but as I moved down her back,the contact stopped. I really got a great view of her pussy as I rubbed her cheeks. She was already wet and her lips were protruding nicely. I quickly moved down her legs and as I got to her feet, she rolled over on her back and spread her legs so I was again between them. If she noticed my erect penis pointing at her, she didn't say anything. She lay back with her eyes closed and said, "Massage my thighs now." I knew what she wanted so I moved to the top of her thighs much faster than usual. Soon I was massaging the fatty part of her cunt. I could clearly see her clitoris as I opened and closed her lips. Mom began moaning and her hips were thrusting. One of my thumbs penetrated as she pushed forward. She groaned and held her hips up for a second before she rotated a couple of times and then pulled away so my thumb pulled out. She suddenly stopped. She said, "It's your turn. Lay on your back." When I complied, she straddled my stomach on her knees and began rubbing my chest and shoulders. As she massaged, she lowered her hips so that her slippery cunt pushed on the soft bottom of my upright penis.

    She began an up and down motion which was incredible. I could feel her wetness as it contacted my balls and then slowly moved toward the head of my penis. I was really getting excited and knew I was going to come soon. One time when my dick

    Was positioned just right, I thrust my hips so that I penetrated her a couple of inches. I gasped as I felt the delicious warmth of her pussy squeezing on my knob. Mom said, "Oh no, son. That wouldn't be right. We can massage each other, but that would be `incest`." She then slowly raised herself so that my penis withdrew and slapped against my stomach. Mom immediately lowered herself and continued our genital rubbing. I reached up to stroke her lovely hard nipples. I couldn't hold back any longer and started coming with powerful spurts. That excited mom and she came, too. Mom then wiped my semen up with a tissue and lay down beside me. We soon fell asleep. The next morning, I awoke cuddled against my nude mother. She had covered us during the night. I began caressing her breasts. Soon her nipples grew, but she woke up and said she had to get ready for work. She continued to invite me in for a "massage" about once a week over the next few months. I also gave her massages on the table. One day shortly after I turned fifteen, mom had me get on the table after I finished her massage. She massaged my head, back and legs. She then had me roll over on my back. She spent a little time on my thighs, but before long she was lightly running her fingers up and down my stiff penis. Then she pumped my foreskin a few strokes. It felt great and I closed my eyes to enjoy this new experience. A few seconds later she placed my penis between her palms and rubbed back and forth. The rotation really felt good and

    I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. To my great surprise, I felt something warm and slippery engulf my prick. I looked down to see that mom had put my penis in her mouth and was moving up and down so that I was fucking her mouth. I began coming almost immediately. Mom swallowed every drop. When I finished, she smiled and said, "I thought you deserved something special." Over the next couple of days I thought of how I could return the favor. By the time she invited me to her room a few evenings later, I knew what I was going to do. We went through the usual routine until she rolled on her back. When I was massaging her cunt, I leaned forward and began licking around her protruding pussy lips. She gasped, "What are you doing?" Since she didn't pull away, I kept licking. She obviously liked my new attention. She bent her knees up and spread her legs wider. Now I had easy access to her whole cunt. After several minutes, I began sucking her now enlarged clitoris. Mom was really excited and began humping and moaning. She came with such force the she squirted juice over my face. I kept licking and sucking. A few minutes later mom relaxed and said, "Son that was unbelievable. You have exhausted your poor mother. If you promise not to take advantage of me, I'm going to sleep for a while." Without waiting for an answer, she closed her eyes. I was looking at her erect nipples and juicy cunt inviting me. I waited only a minute before I began caressing her breasts.

    Her nipples remained stiff under my touch. Mom's breathing was regular. My penis was pointed at her waiting cunt and I pushed slowly forward. When it reached her open slit. It easily penetrated. I leaned forward to suck her nipples as I slowly fucked her for the first time. I didn't want the feeling to stop, so I kept a slow pace. I noticed mom's breathing changed as her hips began responding. I could feel her cunt muscles grasping as I ground our pubic bones
    Together. I began coming without warning when she thrust her hips toward me. I think she had an orgasm at the same time, but I can't be sure because I was so wrapped up in my orgasm. When I relaxed, mom continued to act like she was sleeping. I rolled off her and pulled a sheet over us and fell asleep cuddled against her. The next morning, mom was in the shower when I got up. It was a Saturday, so she didn't have to work. When I stepped in the shower with her, she just smiled. We helped each other wash. Her soapy hands caused my penis to get extra stiff. Mom's nipples were also erect after I soaped them a few minutes. We toweled each other off and went to the bedroom. When I began caressing mom's buttocks as I hugged her, she said, "I feel a little nap coming on." We lay on the bed and caressed each other a while before I began kissing and sucking her nipples. She lay back with her legs open so I could stimulate her slippery cunt with my practiced fingers. Her hips were thrusting into my hand and she was breathing hard when she moaned, "I'm going to sleep now." She closed her eyes and relaxed. I sensed she was ready to fuck but wanted to maintain the pretense that it wasn't wrong if she was "asleep". I mounted her and penetrated fully. Her body responded immediately. We hugged and ground together. I could almost feel her clitoris against my dick. I lasted a long time because I was grinding and not thrusting. It felt super, but I was in control.

    Mom came rather quickly and relaxed a minute. My continued fucking soon got her going again and when I finally lost control and began long, slow thrusts, mom was right with me. She came with two gasps and really held me tightly as I pumped the last drops of semen deep inside her. I looked at her face and she had her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. A few minutes later, I rolled off her and caressed her stomach and thighs. Within two minutes, she feigned wakening. She said, "That was a nice nap. I had such a lovely dream. I feel ready for another shower."That was three years ago. We sleep together every night now,but mom still must pretend she is asleep before we have intercourse. We do everything else including sixty-nine, but when it`s time for penetration, she always says she needs a little nap. Sometimes it only takes thirty seconds to "fall asleep". I don't mind. She couldn't be more responsive if she were wide awake. I'm going to college soon. We are both happy that I was accepted at a local college. It will save money and we can continue our unusual but most erotic love 

Aunty ne apni hasin mastani jawani ko pyar se mujhe lutaya

     I had always wondered why elder women look very attractive to me. May be they looked sex starved or they were big breasted or may be I could enjoy them without worrying about them getting pregnant. Whatever the reason was, the bottom line was that I was always attracted to them and used to look starving at them at every opportunity. I never had an opportunity or the courage to go after them. But the one woman who attracted me most was my dad brother’s wife (i.e. My aunty). She looks very sexy even at the age of 35, slightly heavier but on the whole very attractive and sexy. Hello everyone I am Akshay 23 years old and this is a incident that happened to me one years back. It happened in the month of April, when I visited my uncle’s house in vacation. My uncle stays with my sexy aunt Simi and there two kids Adi (12 years old) and Rohan (9 years old).

    Simi aunty has a large pair of breasts, firmly put in place by a tight blouse and always the pallu of her saree was fully covering them, without giving me any chance to look her curves. I could some times detect a touch of attraction towards me, could it be my imagination, what with all my fantasies about making love to her. I used to take every opportunity to watch her wide swinging hips and protruding breasts from the edge of my eyes. One fine day during that April month it so happened that my uncle had to visit a nearby town, for a couple of days, on property matter. I thought this was my luck that made my uncle to go out of station for couple of days. Whenever I saw her during that day after my uncle went, a constant urge was going in my mind to feel my sexy Simi aunty. I was constantly telling my mind to control sexual urges and limits my visual curiosities. That day she was wearing a dark blue saree perfectly matching her fair skin color and a tight dark blue blouse. I was sitting in the TV room along with Adi and Rohan. She brought a glass of milk to all of us. When I looked up to her, I was surprised to see that the pallu of her saree this time was not fully closed as usual. As she bent down to offer the glass, I could see the V of her blouse and a little part of two bulging balloons of her milky breasts. Looking at those for the first time made my imagination go wild and a sudden surge of blood in my lower part made my tool elongate straight and bulge against my zip. I just hid my emotions and enjoyed the moment full and returned the glass after gulping down milk. For some reason, she asked me whether I need more and getting no for an answer smiled sweetly, as though to tell me she understood my crush for her.

    The dinner was ready and we four sat on the table and enjoyed the great food she made as always. I took calculated risks, in between, to look at her pallu, which was covering her large breasts. Once, she just caught me at the act, and on an impulse to divert her, I said "Aunty this saree is very nice and suits you, is it new??” I think she was pleased at my observation and said, "Yes, only a couple of days back I purchased it". I said, "It looks really nice on you" and then left the topic there and finished my meal. She looked tauntingly at me and I was surprised when her feet touched my feet below the table. Though taken aback, I owned the responsibility and said sorry and left the table. I went back and sat in the TV room to watch a movie while Adi and Rohan went to their bedroom for sleep. While watching the TV, I saw Simi aunty coming with a tray in hand with two bananas. She again bent slightly towards me and Offered them. This time the view of her V cut was ample and I had an amazingly long look at her big, firm breasts, just waiting to come out of that blouse. With great difficulty, I controlled my urge and exploding bulge of my pants and just took one of the bananas. Her large eyes looked at me and said smilingly "both are for you only". I took the other one mechanically and asked her "what about you aunty, you do not take banana?? She gave a mischievous smile and said, "I do not like this kind of banana". I asked back, "then which type you like, the small ones of coastal region". But her answer stunned me "No, the large ones, but I like them hard" saying that she smiled coyly at me and went inside, looking back again and again. I was totally zapped at her outright remark, my tool had grown long & thick and literally dancing with anticipation, and I was still unsure of how to tackle the situation, when she came back.

    She said, "You liked my blue saree. Come inside, I will show you the other new ones". I got up mechanically to follow her and we entered her room. Throughout the walk from TV room to aunt’s bedroom I was viewing his swinging ass. As soon as we entered her room she said "by the way Akki close the door properly, it is too windy here". I was just shocked with that and thought there is something happening tonight. I obeyed aunt’s order and closed the room door. Inside the room was dark with only a small bulb at one corner throwing light and there was a full-length mirror and a small table below it. My aunty was standing near that with a smile on her parted lips and asked me to come near to see the saris. As I went near her, her arm touched and held mine-sending electric shocks through my body and she said "which color you like most??” My head was just reeling at the situation and I mechanically pointed to a red saree with a lot of designs on it and said, "This looks just fine". "You mean it looks nice on me?” She asked and I agreed. "Would you like me to wear this and show you?" I said, "no, not required, blue saree is quite nice and it’s already too late". But she insisted to wear it and show it to me. Even I too wanted it so the second time I did not oppose her. He asked me to go and sit on a chair that was kept in a corner of the room and she turned away from me and started to change. I went and sat on it. Sitting on the chair I saw my sexy Simi aunty removing her pallu of blue saree and letting it drop to the ground. My eyes just watched at the two large bulges inside her blouse through the mirror.

    Now she took off the sari from inside of her front tucking inside the petticoat near navel and the saree was fully out of her. She put it on the bed and then started removing the blouse. I was stunned to see that view. My dream was coming true I am seeing my sexy angel changing her dress in front of me. Then she put the blouse also on bed. As the light in the room was very dim, I could not clearly see the view of her breasts in bra but it was visible to some extent. Now the last thing I had ever dreamt of my aunty unhooked her bra and took it off her chest and dropped it on bed. For the first time I saw the nude large breasts in the mirror. I could not control it any longer and by now fully realized what she was offering. The fantasies of all my years lay open before me and her naked breasts on the mirror were beckoning me. I love to take my woman from the back and she was just giving this as though she knew it. Slowly, I put my hands on my already erect dick and was rubbing it over the pant. Now she took a blouse in her hand and started wearing it over her. She cupped her breasts inside that blouse and was trying to put The thread knots on the back. I then realized that it was a designer blouse having knots at the back. Suddenly I heard Simi aunty calling me. I got up from the chair but I saw down that my erection was clearly visible. I tried to correct but it was not supporting me. I went as it is near to her. She asked me to tie the knots on the back, as her hands are not reaching it. I noticed that it was a matching red blouse for the saree I had chosen. I thought in my mind well done Akki you choose a perfect one. She handed over her back to me and I now for the first time put my fingers on my aunt’s smooth back. The first touch of her back made me crazy and the dick was getting out of control. I was in my teens and I was in total ecstasy. I was trying to put the knots but my hands were shivering because of the contact it was making with my aunt’s sexy body. My aunt said “Akki try to put the knot tighter so that it fits my body.” So I put some pressure on the knot of the blouse and because of which aunt came more close to me and her sexy ass touched my bulged dick over the pant. That touch made me even crazier and I could not control myself any more. I took my hands out of the knots and placed my palms on her tummy and started squeezing her and pulled her close to me from behind.

    She purred and turned her head with eyes blazing and asked, "How long you take to understand my desires?? Her thick parted lips were beckoning and with no answer ready with me to her question, I surged forward and pressed my lips fully on hers. Out two bodies shivered at my hard kiss and she clung to me hard. My hands encircled her tummy fully and her ass was caressing my dick. I raised my hands just below the bulging breasts making them almost jet out, while still keeping my lips tight on her lips and started sucking them. I don't know how long I kissed her and finally when I let her go, she looked fully satisfied with her peacefully closed eyes slowly parting and said “next time you kiss me, make it mild but no less passionate".To this I hugged her tightly, putting full pressure on her breasts and slowly kissed her all over her face, which was turning half way towards me. She was enjoying every kiss of mine and started moving her head to offer me different parts of her beautiful face for my kisses. I kissed her on her right eye, on cheeks, on forehead, moved down to her small projecting nose and licked her pointed nose and slowly moved to her chin, kissing all over it, moved to her right ear and took it fully in the mouth making slurping sound. She said "Ahh" and as I moved my kissing lips all over her neck and reached the other ear, she eagerly offered it to me. I then moved back to her lips, kissed them umpteen numbers of times passionately, took out my tongue and parted her lips and started licking her lips from the inside. Her lips were wet and dripping honey and as I started licking her whole of the lips, she opened her mouth and offered her thin, long tongue. I eagerly took her tongue and pulled it straight inside my mouth and started sucking it hard. I was still at her back and now took my both palms and caught her two breasts from over her blouse and started squeezing them round and round.

    They were like two large watermelons, only firm and too soft and they eagerly bulged to my touch. With my left palm firmly on her breasts and I lowered my right arm to her naval, softly squeezing her tummy and moved lower on her petticoat and started caress her soft thighs. Using my tongue kissed in side of her mouth rolling and licking her. My right hand was squeezing her thighs and left-hand kneading her breasts one after the other. She was trying to press her body and her large buttocks against my bulge Between my thighs and she started making loud moaning noises. I moved my right hand away from her thighs and moved it right between the thighs to where her feminine beauty lay. Even through her thick petticoat I could discern her thick lips of her cunt, dripping wet. I could control it no longer and I abruptly raised her petticoat and passed my hand inside. I could feel her smooth hairless legs, vibrating thighs and her gasp for breath and extreme urge at this sudden move from me. I quickly moved my palm all the way up and tried to hold her panty and jack it down. To my surprise, she was not wearing anything inside and my hand stuck the rich haul of pubic hair, which was wet with her juices. With my fingers I parted her cunt lips and was rewarded with thick, bulged clitoris. I held her clitoris between my fingers and slowly started squeezing it. She started violently moving her hips with pleasure. Slowly she freed her mouth from mine and looked with lustful eyes into mine, and turned her body. Now facing me she said, “I thought you will go for my breasts first but never imagined you will reach my cunt so fast”. So saying she removed her blouse, which was already free without any knots. I could not believe my eyes. Her breasts enlarged twice their size and just jutted at me taunting me to suck them. Her hands closed on the back of my neck and saying "come on, suck me" she just pulled my head and lips straight at her breasts. I took the thrust between her breasts first and started licking and kissing all over her mountainous pleasures. She literally yanked my head and thrust her large breast against my lips and said "come on, suck. I am just waiting for it". With all my energy, I took her large breast in my mouth and sucked deep inside, hardly managing to take a quarter of it. She loosened her right hand, slid down my tummy and removed my pants almost immediately.

    She pulled the elastic of my underwear and gave much needed freedom to my tool. My penis immediately jumped out and I was surprised at the speed, with which it bulged again to its largest ever size, virtually dipping. Her slender fingers closed on my shaft and immediately she started moving it up and down on my penis, folding and unfolding my foreskin at each stroke. My penis head must have overgrown its size, as I was feeling pain first time, and it was just relishing the reciprocating motion she was offering it through her soft palms. My wetness increased and my penis happily parting it into her eager hand. I came to my senses, moved my stunned right hand again, squeezing her clitoris, slowly parting her thick lips and down and down a long way to find her cunt hole. After what looked like an eternity, searching among thick grown pubic hair, feeling wetness of her dripping cunt, I slid my fingers deep into her hole. She just moaned loudly and started massaging my shaft much faster and stronger. Then she suddenly said, “don’t make me stand all night here", and shook free of my hands. She simply pulled my shirt and said,

    "Wow, you have such a hairy chest" and quickly removed my underwear exposing me fully naked. "I hope you are not as shy as you want me to believe" so saying she removed the knot of her petticoat and it fell down in a second to reveal her sexy body totally naked in front of my eyes.

    She led me to the bed, propped a pillow against the wall and asked me to sit with my legs parted. My penis had grown to theoretical size and with parted foreskin was looking straight at her. She laughed at my penis, lovingly caressed it and took hold of my balls and squeezed. She crossed her legs on mine and sat on my thighs. Her wet cunt lips fully parted were pressing against the length of my shaft. She took hold of my head and put it between her breasts. As I sucked her breasts one after the other, she started moving her hips up and down, opening and closing her cunt lips tightly against my penis. As her speed of movement increased, my penis started oozing cum all over her cunt and her cum simply dousing my thick penis from head to balls. As this went on, we were both moaning with pleasure and I slid my fingers through the parting of her round smooth hips, all the way to the other side, catching her clitoris, squeezing it, parting her cunt lips. I could read lust in her eyes as she savagely sucked and kissed my lips and said, "I want all my lips to be kissed by your lips, you know??”

    She freed her buttocks from my hands and breasts from my sucking mouth stood on her knees and brought her thighs to my mouths level. As her thighs parted and revealed her opening cunt, I could get a strong smell of her sweet juices. I eagerly buried my head between her thighs and pushed her down on the cot. I asked her to fold her thighs up and open and greedily went for her cunt. My lips brushed past her thick hair and my tongue lashed out against the weak defenses of her pubic hair and rested on her cunt lips. I moved my tongue and opened her cunt lips and took the thick knob of clitoris and slowly started to lick and encircle it. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked straight in. She cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers deep into my skin of my back. Licking and sucking all the way, I moved down, parting her lips further and found her cunt hole. It was full of oozing liquid, soft and hot. As I moved my tongue all over her hole and sharpened it and moved right in her hole, she almost burst with orgasm. She controlled somehow and said, "Oh, come on. Suck me all you want. I never had this pleasure before".

    I sucked her cunt to my full satisfaction, released her and sat back with my back on the wall. I helped her raise herself, took her neck with my hands and said, "It is now your turn aunty" and dragged her lips against my penis. She started licking all over my penis, started to move my shaft up and down and greedily licked my pink head like ice cream. She pulled my foreskin full down and caught hold of my balls and started kneeing them slowly. She made her mouth round shaped and took my pink head in and sucked and sucked till my full shaft was deep inside her mouth touching her throat. She moved her head up and down on my shaft, coating it with her saliva all over my shaft with her tongue and kept on playing it, as though for ever. I said, "Come on. Stop this and take my penis in your cunt mouth. I cannot hold much longer" I simply lifted her, held her buttocks and squeezed them with her large breasts firmly against my mouth. I slowly pushed her down on to my cock. Her wet parted lips met my cock head-on and my shaft smoothly slid in to her hole. It was the wettest, hottest and silkiest cunt I had ever imaged and she simply swallowed my full length and started fucking me up and down hard. My foreskin never had that kind of fucking before and all strength of her thighs were using in fucking my shaft.

    She screamed "oh god, you are such a sexy fucker, I want to keep fucking you all night. It is ages since I had any sex and you have come at the right time with a fucking penis I ever imagined and laughed aloud. Moving up and down, her breasts were dancing to her movements, and my penis was trying to put up the biggest ever, hottest ever and hardest ever size it could possibly manage and was thrusting deep into her dripping hot cunt. She looked at my mouth and said, "Oh your mouth is fully coated with my cunt juices and look my mouth is full with your penis juice. Why don't we unite the juices as I am uniting your penis with my cunt??” Saying so she brought her lips against mine savagely opened my lips and started licking my mouth all over outside and inside.My pulsating prick was taking the banging’s hard and fast and I now took hold of her buttocks and started squeezing and moving savagely against her cunt. She just said "oh god" and reciprocated my action with even more vigor. After eternally long fucking she broke off her kiss on my lips and cried "OHHHH, I am coming, I am coming. Oh please you also come inside me. I want my cunt filled to the brim with your juices. Oh come on. Come on" We both could not hold it any longer, as her cunt lashed out against my prick with vigor, my penis throbbed against her insides, spreading her juice and mine all over the insides and we both cried out loud and started coming.

    I could feel the throbbing of her cunt muscles as she came and my penis ejecting the fluid inside her vagina. When we were both drained, we lay in each other’s arms. She gave me sweetest of her kisses and said, "the way you always wanted me, I wanted you all along but never had the courage just like you. Today I thought it is now or never and hence called you to my bedroom and started changing the dress in front of you. Please stay with me overnight. I can’t control the urges I get towards you and your penis only can give me this happiness. Please stay". She begged me and I said, "I never knew why I was so much attracted to you and used to have sleepless wet nights thinking about you and your body. Now I know how sweet your love making is."

    She kissed me deep on the lips and said “I wanted to fuck you at least twice but with one fuck you have made me totally tired. No matter, the whole night is in front of us and I am not going to leave you free. Fuck after fuck me till my body is totally drained off my juices, and I will wake you with hunger every time my cunt twitches. For now, my love, sleep with me." So saying, she put my head between her large breasts and moved her cunt against my dripping penis and kissed on my head thousands of times. Totally tired we both slept in each other’s arms, totally naked and fully satisfied. That night she woke me up two more times and each time she was demanding and we made love madly to each other. As the dawn broke, she kissed my lips, moved down and took my tool inside her mouth and slurped it. Then she came to me and whispered, "Whenever situation permits from now on, I will call you. You have to come and bang my cunt this way.

Oh Mami!!

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